This book is an updated and revised version of a book that I wrote in 2010 with an almost identical title.

The original version, entitled "Solving the Major Extinctions," contained several geologically impossible errors. After reviewing the comments of several members of the Geology2 group at, I found that I needed to completely revise my mechanism for impact energy transfer. I also found that I had to revise my understanding of the geological characteristics of the earth's surface.

This new book, now entitled "Solving the Mass Extinctions," incorporates these revisions, as well as new statistical evidence that I developed during the past few years.

This new book is now divided into two sections of evidentiary text. The first section deals with solid, conservative evidence backed by statistical analysis.

The second section deals with speculative insights that extend the scope of the theory and apply it to impacts and extinctions over the past 250 million years.

The third section of the book draws conclusions from the evidence presented in the book. The original book can be viewed at