by Ben Fishler

I have found that many people who look at my theory become fixated on what they perceive to be obvious errors in my assertions. I have found that they became so focused on the perceived reasons why this new theory must be wrong, that they have had trouble considering this theory with an open mind.

This fixation is understandable. Any knowledgeable geologist would quickly raise some obvious objections. In many cases, these objections (all of which are able to be overcome) can keep them from reading until they have the full story. Therefore, I have found that I need to address the objections right at the start, in order for the theory to get a fair hearing.

With this observation in mind, I have written a brief section of essays that deal primarily with the seemingly valid objections to this new theory. In these essays, I show why these objections do not invalidate the new theory. Hopefully, with these objections dealt with, the reader will be able to focus on the new evidence with more of an open mind.


1. Essay 1 - The Antipodal Focusing Theory Was Right All Along

2. Essay 2 - Ben's Revised Antipodal Focusing Theory

3. Essay 3 - Six Erroneous Geological Assertions That Argue Aganst My Theory

4. Essay 4 - Why This New Theory Fits The Evidence Better Than The Current Theory

5. Essay 5 - More Evidence After We Drill A Hole In Southern Georgia

6. Essay 6 - The Volcano That Shouldn't Exist